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Find a good home for your pet

Sometimes you cannot keep your pet with any longer. Are you moving house, moving abroad or any other circumstances not allow you to take your beloved pet with you? What to do? How to find a new home for your pet?

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First of all – do not panic. And do not waste your time. Start to look for new home for your cat, dog, ferret or lizard straight away. Sooner you will start looking, faster you find a good reliable person to leave your pet with.

Where to start from?

Start from taking nice pictures of your pet. Take a lot of them and choose only best ones. Then write a good description. Write how old is your pet, what is his name, what your pet likes and dislikes. Good idea is to mention why you are selling your pet.

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A good idea to find best home for your pet is to keep price for it as low as possible. If you are breeder than yes, you can keep your price, but if you just trying to find a new home for your beloved cat or dog, then price must be very low.

Pet classifieds in UK

Post your pet selling ads
Post your ad to as many classified websites as you can find. More ads you post, more chance to find good person, who you can trust to keep your pet. Post a very good description and lots of pictures. Post your ads on social networks too. Maybe one of your friend or friend of a friend is looking for a new pet. And it is always better to leave your cat or dog with person you know at least a little bit. One of free ads website to sell your beloved pet is

How to sell your cat for free in UK

How to know that you can trust a new keeper? Invite him or her to your home to meet your pet. Look how your pet reacts to this person. Talk to him about where and how he will keep your pet. Ask did he have this kind of pet before. If you don’t like this person for any reason or your pet reacts strangely to him, refuse to sell. It is always good idea to wait a bit and find a good and caring new owner, than give your dog, cat or lizard to strange and suspicious looking individual.