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How and were to post free ads in UK to help your business grow

Some say that free advertising on internet is dead. This is not true and free ads is not time wasting. If you choose right websites and prepare good advert, you business can be boosted and can be taken to the next level.

Did you tried free advertisement in the past, spend a lot of time and effort and the results were disappointing? You might just be going not the right way and doing it wrongly. This guide will show you how to effectively use this form of marketing, increase your sales and build your home business.

First of all you need to set up your business email. It will be much easier to maintain your adverts and filter spam and real enquiries. You can simply create new yahoo, hotmail or gmail account for your business. These email provider can simply detect junk mails and put them in separate folders.

Many of free advertising websites use registration forms where you need to confirm your email address. Only then you will be able to post to free ad website. Use newly created email for that purpose and use same password for all free classified websites. It will be easier to remember, login and post to all of them.

Check the statistics. It is very important when you are posting your ads. Choosing right posting time can greatly improve your ad visibility to potential customers. Taking advantages of statistics you can improve your final result many times.

In many free ad website there is a possibility to include your websites url. We always recommend to do this. You will not only get free links to your website, what can improve your website visibility in search engine, but you will be able to check which website gives you more visitors. You can use free service such as clicky to check where are your customers coming from. And then you can filter free classified websites which are most profitable for you.

Your goal is to get a list of websites, which gives you a visitors. If you get one visitor every day or even every second day – this is very good listing site and it must be in your list.

Good idea is to check free ad website for pagerank. There is a lot of free tools to do that. If a website has at least pagerank one it is worth to try to post to it.

Concentrate to web sites that are giving you more visitors. If there is no visitors from a website in one or two months, stop posting to it. Don’t waste your time. More you post to different ads websites and track results, more new and good sites for posting your ads you will find.

It is very important to do some research before writing your ads. Try to figure out how people searching for your products or services can do it online? Think about the phrases they may type in search engine. Now type in these phrases yourself and check what results pop in. The more search engines you will try, more results you will get. After you will have list of websites, check which search phrases are good by clicking on each website and checking what they are selling or offering.

Use all available information to create your advert. Test few different ads and check the results which ones are performing better. Use statistical data for that. Check which exact advertisement attracted a visitor to come to our website. Doing this you will soon find where you need to continue to place free ads and where you should stop wasting your time.

How to improve your business with free ads in uk

Try to place your ad during the most active hours of the day. At the end of the day check statistics and make a note of free ad websites that give you the best result. Repeat this procedure every day and you will end up with excellent list of free ad websites that gives you customers.

There is a lot of free ads website in UK market. Most of them just pretend to be free, few of them make money from Google ads. Use our suggested method to filter all websites and post only to sites that gives you visitors. When searching for free ads websites, try to type “free ads”, “free classifieds” in search engine. There are only two major search engines at the moment – Google and bing. Try to use both search engines as the results are different because of search algorithm each of them uses.