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8 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set Sales


Oscar Charles 8 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set contains full range of eye and brow brushes

107 – Luxe Small Blending Makeup Brush
108 – Luxe Large Blending Makeup Brush
109 – Luxe Large Eye Shadow Makeup Brush
110 – Luxe Small Eye Shadow Makeup Brush
111 – Luxe Angled Eye Shadow Makeup Brush
112 – Luxe Angled Wing liner Makeup Brush
113 – Luxe Detail Makeup Brush
117 – Luxe Spoolie & Angled Brow Makeup Brush

Click here to buy 8 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set from oscarcharlesbeauty dot com
Oscar Charles Luxe Professional 8 Piece Eye Makeup Brush Set in Gift Box Rose Gold Black

February 18, 2020

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