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Amazon Account Appeal Lawyer


Seller at Amazon are suspended due to some or the other policy violations. Some of them have a team or connected to a partner who can help them to reinstate their account. No matter what Amazon has suspended you for, The Appeal Guru can help you from any policy violations to performance violations we know how to masterfully write for your unique issues. There are many suspension type that we have successfully reinstated, with a ratio of over 95% for reinstatement. These suspension types include but are not limited to inauthentic products, Counterfeit Item, Intellectual Property, ASIN Misuse, Order Defect Rate >1%, Prohibited Item, New Sold As Used, Late Shipment Rate, Review Manipulation, Used Item Sold as New & All Other Suspensions. Call us Now by visiting our official website at The appeal guru dot com.

May 16, 2019

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