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Custom Software Development Company


Based in the West Midlands we operate Internationally to deliver:
– application development and support services directly to consumers, businesses and government
– remote developers/consultants to supplement UK based application development companies who require a short term/temporary resource (maternity/paternity, new project etc)
– full application support including hosting, change management, web content creation, SEO and others

Since 2008 we have been working in the UK supporting large and medium sized customers providing consultancy, application development & support and governance support working in a remote (off shore, near shore, on shore) model.

We operate with a head office in the UK (Solihull) where all services are managed and a subsidiary in India (Bangalore). This allows us to find appropriate value services to meet our customers needs, whilst overcoming any concerns that often arise when discussing the location of development/support.

We never compromise on ensuring a positive outcome for our customers – we don’t promise what we can’t deliver or what cannot be achieved using a remote delivery model. Companies/consumers often focus on the negative of off-shoring however when done well with the right partner and right investment in transition/ongoing communication – offshoring can be extremely positive for a business not just based on value but also in terms of capability to deliver/expand.

May 17, 2018

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