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Frequency Precision Ltd


Wireless door alarm sensor system is based on mats sensor product this product most of needs elders. Wireless door alarm sensor system is based tool that helps our family members to live independent and feel more secure during any emergency. Frequency precision has manufactured this type of sensor like epilepsy alarms UK, wireless door alarm sensor, Medical Alert Systems UK, epilepsy alarms UK, home call button, pressure mat alarm¸ wireless door alarm sensor, call button pager, Medical Alert System, bed sensors on cheap price and this product build quality is very good. More info go to the frequency precision website and check out the product on a cheap price.
Benefits of the wireless door alarm sensor.
The user installs a wireless door alarm sensor system at his own home did not anyone coming to the home.
The wireless door alarm is very beneficial for our homes. We all need extra security for our elderly People and our family members as well.
1. Home Call Button =
Call Button Pager
2. Wireless Door Alarm Sensor =
door movement sensor
3. Pressure Mat Alarm =
Sensor Mats For Care Homes
4.Bed Sensors =
Wireless Bed Alarm System
5. Epilepsy Product =
Epilepsy Alarms UK

January 9, 2020

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