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Frequency Precision Ltd


The unique air- technology system provides a safe and reliable way of monitoring those in care. The air heaviness mats are extremely sensitive and detect the alter in air force as a patient gets out of a chair or bed or presses a call button. Frequency Precision LtD made this type of product frequency precision have lots of sensor mats like Call Button Pager, Home Call Button, door movement sensor, Wireless Door Alarm Sensor, Pressure Mat Alarm, Wireless Bed Alarm System, Epilepsy Product, Epilepsy Alarms UK.
1. Home Call Button =
Call Button Pager
2. Wireless Door Alarm Sensor =
door movement sensor
3. Pressure Mat Alarm =
Sensor Mats For Care Homes
4.Bed Sensors =
Wireless Bed Alarm System
5. Epilepsy Product =
Epilepsy Alarms UK

February 18, 2020

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