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Guaranteed Rent for Landlords in London


If you´re looking to rent your property in London then our Guaranteed Rent Services maximise landlords rental income whilst taking care of all the complexities. The service professionals are here to help you get the most income from your home in London, UK.

Our Guaranteed Rent Scheme means that you always receive a fixed monthly payment regardless of whether your property is vacant or the tenant stops paying. Say goodbye to Void periods! There are no management fees or hidden costs and no commissions to pay. You won´t be charged for utility bills or council tax.

Achieve the highest possible rent for your property and find the perfect tenant. We manage the viewings, appointments, reference checks, paperwork, produce an inventory and take care of all legalities for you saving you valuable time and money. Everything taken care of for FREE!

The Guaranteed Rent Service means you won´t have to deal with tenants as we undertake periodic inspections, maintenance and minor repairs of your property for FREE. We cover the cost of any damage caused by tenants and return your property back to you in its original condition save any fair wear and tear. No more late rent payments or having to deal with evictions.

Maintenance included no outlay for landlords (exceptions apply).

Rental income for up to 5 years guaranteed.

Regular property inspections by fully trained property consultants.

No void periods. That’s right no loss of rent 365 days per year.

No risk of tenant leaving or rent arrears.

No legal fees whatsoever (eviction costs).

No confrontation with tenants.

No more wasted viewings.

No setup fees, commissions or hidden costs.

Protection against tenant damages.

Your rent payments paid immediately.

Free Inventory

No Utility Bills or Council Tax

Full maintenance and repair service 365 days per year.

Your property returned to you in its original condition subject to fair wear and tear.

Free Minor Repairs

December 11, 2019

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