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Indian takeaways free delivery


Little Bites is a fresh concept of providing authentic Indian food to local people, across London and beyond. Food prepared from one of our many ‘Kitchens’ that is located nearest to you. Provide new employment through many kitchen.
We ensure your food is freshly prepared and hot at the point of delivery. We will try continue to expand more new kitchen for crate new employment and serve local people.
Here at Little Bites, we offer a rich range of dishes for you to choose from to create the perfect Indian meal. Please try our wide range of traditional dishes and support us to create new employment.

1. Support to create new employment.
2. Contact-free delivery
3. Free Home Delivery.
4. Order over £20.00 or more earn 1 LL point value £1.50. Earn 30 points get £45.00 worth of free meal benefit £45.00.
5. 10% Discount on order over £30.00 or more get £3.00 off and earn 1 LL point value £1.50. Earn 20 points get £90.00 off + £45.00 worth of free meal get total benefit £135.00.
6. Earn 100 loyalty points get total £485.00 benefit and eligible to participate to win our regular £2500.00 worth of 5 Star Holiday or cash prize draw.

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Contact-+44 03302 235567
E-mail Adress:

April 3, 2020

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