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Now Total Health – London region



You need assurance or a solution in a medical problem?

I and my colleagues are uniting worldwide in a single cause: giving back to the Community. Totally Free Advice. I have seen across districts globally that you may need more than your own doctor and local medical venues are delivering.

Not associated with similarly named services, our service has many free, no-cost options. Be assured with Action and Totally Free Advice from the only TOTALLY GUARANTEED RESULTS option where you live, Now Total Health – London region, with Global affiliates. Totally Free Advice to you in your community district, anywhere. Global Fund supported. This is for everyone from the most challenged to the most successful people. The Global Fund is an international collective funding from variable charitable sources.

How our system works:

We need you to tell us the medical problem.

Don’t worry about medical spellings – I or a colleague will confirm with you directly.
Please note that the advertised phone number receives texts. It is not monitored for voice calls.
Please email, message or text the medical problem and tell us the usual days and times convenient for you to receive a phone call.

This is because we link you to a phone consultation with a doctor specialist in that medical problem on which you need assurance or a solution. That is a phone call to you, therefore at no cost to you – typically a half-hour consultation, free, and longer than most services. For that, we will need your phone number. So if you are not texting, please remember to include your phone number in your email or message and tell us the usual days and times convenient for you to receive the phone call.

We will email, message or text you the day and time that the specialist is available for the free phone consultation.

Reply now with details of the medical problem, and you could be talking within 48 hours with a specialist doctor. That is better than any other service at that speed because you will be talking to a specialist not a general practitioner.

I and colleagues are here to help with high-level professional advice at no cost to you.

Hayley Wells BA BS MBBS JD
Doctor and Lawyer
Located Globally
More about our aims:
Please note that phone numbers used by our specialists are their callout consulting lines, and are not advertised to receive calls, and are not the same as our advertised text number.
Free, without cost if you choose:
To help produce a solution to some problems, home visits and/or a link to a medical centre with the best success record in your district (to which we or your current local doctor would refer) are always available when professionally determined, although only when you also agree. If other help beyond that is professionally determined, such as longer specialist examinations, treatment or monitoring, you can chose at the time of the offer not to proceed and therefore no cost applies to you. Your case needs first to be determined before we can indicate your no-cost or cost options. You will then be free to choose.

March 4, 2020

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