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Sev and Biscuit Press Maker


Sev and Biscuit Press Maker enables you to quickly and easily produce a variety of attractively shaped biscuits. It can be use for many occasions and the kids will also enjoy making as well as eating the mouth-watering biscuits.

Damini Export Quality Brass Kitchen Press Bhujia Maker Sev Sancha Gathiya With Set of 6 Jali Designs Different Design Size No. 9 Heavy Quality
Available with 6 Jalis
Used for preparation of Different Exotic Indian Snacks like Chaklis, Cookies, Fardas, Ghatiyas etc

GSD Biscuit Press
Metal cookie gun “Elegance” with special adjustment for two different biscuit sizes. Accessories: 15 plastic matrices for different cookie cutters, star shape, Garnier and spray spout for filling pastries, perforated disc for vanilla crescents, Vermicelli use for chestnut cream, with recipes. Silver anodized aluminium tubing, fittings made of high quality plastic. Mechanical parts made of hardened steel, rod: stainless steel, hardened.
Dishwasher Safe

May 13, 2019

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