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Sharma Solicitors is best settlement agreement solicitors in London.


A settlement agreement (known as compromise agreement) is a legally binding agreement between employer and employee which can bring an employment contract to an end on agreed terms. Once an employee sign settlement agreement, it means that employee can’t take employer to the employment tribunal for the claims.
Sharma Solicitors is a specialist in all aspects of employment law, settlement agreements are a frequent aspect of our work. If you as an employee has been offered a settlement agreement, we can help you to ensure that you are properly compensated by your employer in respect of your dismissal, redundancy, or other action taken against you.
In many instances Sharma Solicitors has been able to increase the sums offered of employer in Settlement Agreements using our knowledge of employment law and by great understanding of client circumstances.
Contact Settlement Agreement Lawyers in London on 0345 430 0145 or contact us online.

September 27, 2019

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