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There Are Ghosts on Eaglesham Moor


There Are Ghosts On Eaglesham Moor
A Fearful Story

An Unexpected Adventure for a Boy and His Two Sisters and Their Dogs

An Adventure Story
By Gordon Ferguson Mackenzie

ISBN: – 978-0-244-07799-0
General Access…..

Lulu Publications: North Carolina, USA

Stacey, Diane and Scott, three young people are in Glasgow. An assassin makes an attempt to kill their parents. The two girls and their brother have to hide. They choose to hide on a haunted moor, near Eaglesham Village: and not far from the Town of East Kilbride.
They are frightened, but luckily they meet two friendly ghosts and a mysterious old woman who helps them to survive on the moor.

A preview of the book, and if you wish to buy it is found on most all main online bookstores: including Amazon Books.

Other book by the author: -Shoogles Mackay and the Redheaded Witch
An Isle of Bute Adventure
A family holiday to Rothesay, is not what they expected…enjoyable, exciting and dangerous.
ISBN: -978-0-244-38644-3
General Access…..

July 11, 2018

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