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Video Production Service in Beijing | Alchemist Films


Are you planning for video production in China? The country has a diverse culture with a wide variety of sights which has made it a trendy location for numerous film and video production. Among the popular locations, Beijing is one of the best places for video production in China. The reason is that it is one of the ancient cities on earth. Being the capital city of China now, Beijing is a modern, developed metropolitan city which development can be comparable to other ones. The places which you like most for your video shooting are The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace, Beihai Park and more. Alchemist Films is a Local, Trusted, Experienced video production crew based in Shanghai and Beijing. We offer a tailor-made solution for all things related to your shoot in China.
Services in Beijing
Alchemist Films provides both pre and post-production services. It offers all types of film and video production including, documentary video/film production, corporate video production, commercial video production, new video production, etc. As a fixer in Beijing, China we fix the location by granting location permit and arrange everything for a film or video shooting. We do location scouting as a part of pre-production work for filmmaking and commercial production. Since 2010 the owner: Jack Zhang and his Alchemist Film team contributing a tremendous role in the production industry of Beijing and China. They help in growing the worldwide business in China and growing brotherhood of countries with China.
Foreign Companies and ad agencies contact for their video shooting in Beijing and other locations in China. We provide full support to them in their video production project. Many brands like Puma, Royal Guard, Alibaba, Qatar Airways, Huawei, TRW, ANZ, Shine V3, OnePlus, etc have produced their advertisement and corporate videos with the Support of Alchemist Films.

July 12, 2019

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